Grand Riviera

Residential Projects


The ultimate address of luxury.

From enormous themed landscapes, lavish amenities, to luxurious apartments in towers that kiss the skies, Grand Riviera offers a perfect blend of riverview, connectivity to all parts of the city, great views of the city’s skyline, abundant green spaces, and a lot of charm.

What is luxury without the feeling of grandeur and excess?

Grand Riviera offers homes that are expansive in every sense - high ceilings, incredibly spacious rooms, and views that overlook the river. Detailed with the finest finishing, Grand Riviera brings to you uncompromised luxury at every turn.

Perched on the 2nd floor podium is an oasis in the sky Space for the mind to wander, yoga deck to soothe your senses, serene lawns to stroll around, Banquet to party in, and even a sports bar with a suspended infinity pool!